Entrepreneurship to solve SDG’s

Final Agenda

Entrepreneurship to solve SDG’s - 5 Credits Bachelor's course designed by Global Business experts, executed by Indo European Academic and Industry professionals.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we have adapted and moved on to learning online. Most of the course proceedings happen online while a limited number of activities require your presence offline. This course is offered as a complete 5 Credit course or a Mini project/ Industry Advance project.

This is a chance for all our participants to emerge as an entrepreneur, take action on sustainability and deepen your understanding of global challenges and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. All the participants will be a part of our Knowledge pool which facilitates to join an international cohort of like-minded people for 3 inspirational Months.

This course is a 3-month learning experience that focuses on advancing students' knowledge, skills, and global networks, in order to build their capacity to be strategic leaders in the co-creation of thriving, sustainable societies. This course is an evening online class during weekdays, in English, with a focus on sustainable development , entrepreneurship and innovation at both local and global levels. The aim is for students to develop a concrete proposal (idea/ innovation) that promotes sustainable development. This can be a technical application, a method/ model , a mobile application (App) or the like.

Guest Seminars

The Guest Seminars will partly provide an introduction and examples of different problems found in developed as well as developing countries and demonstrate the role of technology, and provide tools and inspiration for project ideas. The lectures will deal with different concepts such as sustainable urban development, communication and ICT, energy, water-related issues, the global chemical use, innovation, entrepreneurship, and more.

Group assignment

The groups should be formed as early as possible during the course, preferably during the first week. The groups should be reported on Studentportal and you sign up individually by choosing a group that suits you. For your group assignment you are expected to work in groups (of four or max five individuals). The work can be done via digital or face-to-face. We will evaluate your final presentation for higher grades; you will need to submit the final report. Students who do not take an active part in the group projects will not pass the course.

Course examination and grading

The examination of the course consists of three parts: the group assignment (15P) and the individual home exam(18P), individual assignments, Individual assignments and activities like workshop and guest lectures (17P). You must pass all three parts to successfully pass the course. The preliminary scale for the grades is ( Grade 5: 44– 50 Grade 4: 37 – 43 Grade 3: 25 – 37 Fail: 0-24).